• One day.

    I wish to see you picking flowers one day, entire and untouched, unlike me.

  • Don’t take it away.

    Blue, yellow, and green are your colors As if it were enclosing me A small glimpse of what lies ahead Our eyes will be fixed on you tonight as we stand together, When you dim yourself just for a moment, your glitter shines through For a moment, I will feel at peace Just for a moment, I’m in the right place I am with you You are not visible to everyone I will shine in your place until we meet you just outside that beautiful blue, yellow, and green gate.

  • Sweet-tarts

    xoxo I’m all and nothing but everything with you, your words fill me to make me love again,I was once a child but now I am old55 not so, but old love, not young,the promises aren’t big but are perfect for usthey heal the most broken parts of mejust with a simple kiss on the cheekold love – old fashionedyou love me as much as I love sweet tarts if not more,you built our home and though we’re yet to be old,we have old love that will never stop growingbecause it’s ours in this xoxo world    

  • Day to remember

    they described days like this eerie, windows belonged on these sills, doors with holes covered in paper, art scribbled in closets, clothes once lived in, shoes stuffed up in bags for quick grabs, bars screwed tight to bedrooms every night just to remember the voices that traveled the halls most hide and seek, insensitive to weak links who used this as their safety nets see themselves in me as worried, but narrowed, are we fire edged up close to inhale the smoke, this was not infancy received are we, loved by these holey memories

  • open skies

    the back carries most as if a thousand pounds were emptying from my knees tears are insufficient to express the sore pressed upon our hearts sun, orange sky, is not beautiful to me though it used to be nothing more than a gated way made of nothing but borrowed bones rang with war below all life once lived but now it’s not so much alive